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After first meeting in 2015, and a few years of crossing paths at body suspension events around the world, a lot of tea and coffee, some hooks and a dash of lemon, Daniel, Deborah and Cat founded High Tea Suspensions in 2021. 

Get to Know Us


What is Body Suspension?

Body suspension means the act of suspending the human form through the temporary placement of hooks inserted through the skin. Based in Sydney, Australia, High Tea Suspensions are able to facilitate body / skin suspensions and pulls, for both private events and performance art.

Safe And Hygienic

Together we find a balance between performance art, operations protocols and ritualistic experiences.


Ultimately, we provide an environment in which transformative experiences may be held, in a supportive and inclusive manner.

Shared Experiences

Suspensions vary around the world, and we’re lucky to have the opportunity to share our Art with you. High Tea are available to undertake ‘performance’ based skin suspensions, facilitate private suspensions events, including the more intimate pain rituals and flesh pulls.

Our passions is exploring the world between worlds; and sharing the journey and tea with good people. We knew fairly early on that we as a group did not want to fit a known narrative – we did not want to solely perform at events or ‘freak shows’, we knew that we didn’t want to exclusively facilitate suspension events with multiple suspendees. Nor did we want to solely focus on the ritualistic aspects of pain. Yet looking at each of our own paths within the world of body suspension, we could not disregard that each has impacted us in life long ways. We are forever changed because of the people we have met along the way, of connecting through a shared experience, through pain. So our passion is rather simple; to facilitate suspensions, flesh pulls and rituals. Whether we are the practitioners, or the guides – our passion is the people, and being able to create the space for safe, hygienic and informative practices.

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Get to Know Us

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