Frankies Pizza Farewell

performance art
About This Project

When GM Jordan reached out to us to perform at the Finale Freakflag night – we had one directive. Go f*cking hard. We went out in a blaze of gory glory and had an absolute blast. Skewers, drill bits, hooks and flights to remember.

Here lies Planet Earth’s quintessential Rock & Roll pizza joint. A late night HQ for all walks to revel in live music, cold beer, hot pizza and debauchery unparalleled from December 2012 to December 2022.

Frankie’s Pizza became an internationally recognised institution, often hosting arena scale acts up close and personal alongside an iconic roster of weeknight entertainment. Frankie’s Pizza will be remembered as a cult venue with wide reaching cultural influence, closed at the top of it’s game to make way for a new Sydney City railway. R.I.P.